Where is your studio?
We operate out of a cosy studio in London.
Do you ship outside the UK?
Yes, we ship globally! All products will be sent from our warehouse in the UK.

Please see Delivery for more details.

How do you calculate the shipment fee?
Please see Delivery for details.
Where is your organic cotton from?
Our organic cottons are mainly imported from the USA. Please see our cotton for details.
How should I care for my THE PETIT SOLDIER items?
We recommend using an eco-friendly laundry detergent without harming the environment and your clothes.

Please do not use fabric softener, bleach, or other chemical detergent on your The Petit Soldier items as it may affect or harm the natural organic cotton.

What are the little brown dots on my THE PETIT SOLDIER items?
As our cotton have not treated with bleaching process, the brown dots are some natural cotton seeds. These natural cotton seeds are normally not noticeable and they will come off naturally after a few washes.
Why are there spots on the clothes after washing?
These are detergent residue. Our cottons are not treated with harsh chemical so detergent residue can be noticeable on our clothes. In this case, please wash your clothes again with any eco-friendly laundry detergent.
Do the clothes need to be washed after purchase?
Yes! Babies’ skin is delicate and sensitive, so we recommend washing before using.
Do the clothes shrink and fade?
As our cottons are not treated, there might be some shrinkage after your first wash. We retained the natural color of the cotton so our clothes do not fade over time; however, the color will become lighter if they are exposed under the sun for a long period of time.
Do I need to wash separately from adult clothes?
We recommend washing separately because adults’ clothes are usually dirtier. Babies are more sensitive, washing separately can avoid the dirt on adults’ clothes transfer to babies’.